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These are FAQs about the $YFL token

What is the $YFL token all about?

We have formed the view that the Governance pool should do more than allow users to propose and vote for protocol updates. It should also earn $YFL stakers for revenue-generating products built on the platform. Linkswap will be the first revenue-generating product that will take activity on the AMM from traders, market makers, benefit holders, and the treasury.
In addition, any fee variable that can be updated in Ethereum contracts, such as LP fees, listing fees, duration of rug lock for new pairs, gas subsidies, and treasury vs vault revenue, should all be autonomously executable by governance vote.
We are excited to see this engage users of the AMM, Governors, and passive holders.

Where can I buy $YFL?

The $YFL governance token can be purchased on Linkswap as well as the Uniswap and Coinflex platforms.

How many $YFL are there?

50,000 coins, all of which are in circulation.

Can more $YFL simply be minted at any time?

No, 50.000 is all the $YFL there will ever be.

What is the $YFL token used for?

The token is used for governance, and staking in the governance vault to vote and accrue Linkswap fee rewards.

Where can I stake my $YFL?

The $YFL token can be staked in the governance vault.

How do I earn rewards?

Rewards can be earned in two ways: 1) By staking $YFL coins in the governance vault or 2) By adding various coin pairs to a liquidity pool and staking the LSLP's on the LP Rewards platform. These coins earn rewards derived from transaction fees in the Linkswap platform.

Where can I earn the most rewards?

See the Staking Pools page.

How are staking rewards paid out? ($YFL?)

When you stake your $YFL tokens in the governance staking vault, you will receive $yYFL tokens in return, which represent your share of the total amount of $YFL tokens within the governance vault. Staking rewards come in the form of $YFL tokens being deposited in the governance vault without minting new $yYFL tokens, resulting in your $yYFL tokens being able to withdraw an increased number of $YFL tokens from the governance vault. So you will be able to withdraw more $YFL tokens than the amount you deposited!

How can I claim my rewards?

Rewards are claimed when coins are withdrawn.

Do governance staking rewards run out?

No. Coins staked in the governance vault will always pay out rewards, as soon as rewards are activated by community vote.

Is there a lock-up period in the liquidity pools?


Are there any giveaways/airdrops?

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