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LINKPAD is the world's first DAO-backed venture capital fund. By staking $YFL, $YFL holders are able to obtain direct exposure to token investment opportunities.


LINKPAD is a venture capital fund that was started by YF Link community members. LINKPAD's initial plan was to get funded by YF Link ecosystem revenue, such as LINKSWAP protocol fees, and then using those funds to make investments and other financial plays, from which profits would ultimately be distributed to $YFL stakers. LINKPAD was planned to be governed by YF Link DAO governance, but LINKPAD has since grown out of the initial plan, and has gone mostly private, becoming independent of YF Link.
LINKPAD was seed funded by a donation from it's founding community members. The initial seed was used to invest in Sovryn. The profits from the investment are planned to be distributed to governance stakers at some as-of-yet undisclosed time. How nice is that; getting free profits from an investment funded by a community donation! Thanks! (update: Sovryn profits distributed to stakers )
After investing in Sovryn, LINKPAD grew from it's initial YF Link community stage to include a private fund, which soon took over the majority of LINKPAD's operations. At this time, LINKPAD has become independent of YF Link. The initial plan of continuously funding LINKPAD investments from YF Link ecosystem revenue was never actually started, and the plan has been put on pause, on the rationale that YF Link would do better to use it's revenue to fund it's own ecosystem development. You can follow LINKPAD's journey through their twitter: @linkpadvc
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