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Built as a hybrid application between Ethereum and Harmony, users will be able to send both $YFL and $ONE tokens through the Harmony Bridge to partake in The Great Waffle Competition! We have created a blockchain game that incentivizes the best of game theory, creativity, and user-created content with some very substantial cash prizes to boot!
The Great Waffle Competition will allow users to create their own custom waffles as part of a global search to find the most creative, funny, or delicious looking entry! Users will be able to vote for their favorite waffles, track their submissions, as well as name their creations!
A sneak peek of the game ;). Note that grand prize value varies -- see the WaffleHouse page for latest total.

The Game

It's not as easy as it looks - baking and decorating waffles have their own challenges, and users will have to expertly time their transactions on the Harmony blockchain to properly assemble their creations. Sending a transaction too early or too late during the baking process will result in their waffles being burned!
The competition will last a total of 30 days from the start, with the grand prize winner receiving the money pot (seeded at $5,000 by the Harmony team) and the top three winners receiving limited edition exclusive NFT's created by the Bonk team.
Get baking!
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