YF Link
These are the FAQs about governance

Why should I become involved with governance?

To protect your investment in the YF Link ecosystem by voting and because you want the project to be successful. You use your voting power to make sure that things that bring positive value to the project happen.

But, doesn't creating a proposal take a lot of time and effort?

Anything worthwhile takes time. To this end we have a proposal reward for 1 or 2 YFL depending on the majority to compensate for time spent on writing and putting up a proposal.

What happens to my yYFL when I am voting?

Your yYFL is locked as yYFL in the Voting Contract that was set up by the voter. This yYFL is only accessible with the wallet used to set up the voting contract. For a single-wallet setup, only that wallet can withdraw $YFL out of the system.

Do I need to withdraw $YFL from the voting contract immediately after voting?

No, voters who are active in governance can leave their $YFL in the voting contract to save on gas fees. However, this is done at own risk.
Last modified 7mo ago