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MemeTeam App
An app where $YFL holders vote on memes and can earn rewards for creating memes


MemeHQ amalgamates the culture and creative energy of Chainlink's and YF Link's community of "LINK-marines" into a YF Link governance-run decentralized application for creating and voting for memes.


Chainlink's uprise as one of the most revolutionary products in all of crypto came not only from its technical revelations in gluing together blockchains with real-world data but also from its community of strong-believers, the so-called "$LINK marines", whose primary means of empowering Chainlink as the next big thing in crypto was through creating $LINK memes. YF Link has had a very similar start and has seen incredibly strong community growth recently, with memes similarly playing a central role in its grassroots explosion. The idea behind MemeHQ thus stemmed from a desire by the community to accelerate this creative momentum even further into a platform of its own.


MemeHQ works as a simple graphical web portal that allows users to create and vote for memes. This is done by first staking some amount of $YFL (as little as 0.1 $YFL is needed) in YF Link's governance contract, either through the main governance voting website or through the meme UI itself, and then interacting with MemeHQ's easy-to-use meme browser to either vote or create memes.
Besides being able to create and vote for memes, memes can also be directly shared through Twitter. Of course, even though having a gallery of memes that can be voted for and shared on Twitter already helps catalyze community engagement, the true significance comes from MemeHQ "Operations."

MemeHQ Operations

By submitting a governance proposal to submit a MemeHQ Operation, YF Link governance holders can create community-driven campaigns running for a certain time period to allow participators of the campaign, MemeHQ meme creators and voters, to reap community-funded rewards.
As of now, there are two upcoming operations poised for launch:
#1. Operation Dry Run Being the first operation on Meme HQ, this campaign will essentially act as a dry-run for identifying any improvements or bugs that can be fixed so that future campaigns run as smoothly as possible. Despite this campaign being more experimental, a certain amount of $YFL will be allocated to incentivize voting and meme creation. The exact details regarding total $YFL rewards and the mechanism by which voting and meme creation winners are decided for "Operation Dry Run" are not yet finalized.
#2. Operation Bulls on Parade This second operation will incorporate all of the improvements noted from the first operation and similarly allocate a certain number of $YFL tokens to be rewarded to winning voters and meme creators. The exact details regarding total $YFL rewards and the mechanism by which voting and meme creation winners are decided for "Operation Bulls On Parade" are similarly not yet finalized.
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